for a dozen years

comprehensively developing homes,
housing estates
and multifamily apartment estates.

Homes and apartments
beyond expectations

For us, your needs and expectations are the most important. It shapes everything we do and how we do it. That is why we always listen carefully to what you say to us and why we act quickly to make all the necessary changes based on your feedback.


We create buildings that are functional, durable and with character. We build efficiently, using innovative solutions, so that our buildings meet the requirements of a bright and sustainable future.



URBA GROUP stands for more than just building – our areas of competencies include development, architectural, general contracting and technological activity – production of homes and apartments in our own factory.
Each of the companies in the group has at least ten years of business history, and the house factory has more than thirty years of history. We comprehensively manage development projects in Poland, Germany, Sweden and other EU countries. The place where we began is the magnificent city of Krakow and its neighborhoods. Here is where we have created and managed most of our projects. Our experience already counts in hundreds of thousands of metres of designed usable space and over two thousand houses and apartments being built.

urba group teams of professionals

URBA GROUP TEAMS OF PROFESSIONALS are made up of people with many years & depth of experience in the industry. Each person takes care of the company’s development as well as their own, pushing always for the best results.


ONE GOAL, that connects all companies and people at URBA, is the highest quality house or apartment that will meet your expectations today and tomorrow, responding to the challenges of the future. Therefore, focus on quality, attention to detail, environmentally friendly solutions and economy of use guide us in our daily work.

wola village

resort estate

URBA GROUP’s sum of our best experiences
All applied in one, unique projects

The decision to make WOLA VILLAGE look and feel like a RESORT ESTATE was driven by the desire to meet your expectations for a unique place. We are creating a place where you can live comfortably and healthily, maintaining the right balance between work and personal life.

It is here, where we make the best use of all our experiences gained in Poland and overseas, developing for you the unique project WOLA VILLAGE – RESORT ESTATE.

All roads lead to WOLA VILLAGE.

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