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We ensure WV villas’ lower energy consumption by using energy-saving external walls. For this we also use the best PIR thermal insulation with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.022 W/ m * K.

It is one of the warmest products on the market and made it possible to obtain the U coefficient of thermal insulation at the level of 0.175 W / m2 * K, meets the current requirements (U = 0.2 W / m2 * K) with a considerable margin.


For the environment and economy in use

To make the most of all the benefits of MABUDO ROBUST ® walls, Wola Village town houses will be powered by heat pumps and supported by photovoltaics. This environmentally friendly solution will also generate significant savings in use. It is the best heating solution that guarantees comfort and efficiency.

Thanks to the heat pump installed in WOLA VILLAGE town houses, you need not pump up your bills!

We used the most modern heat pumps of the renowned STIEBEL ELTRON brand.
Here is why:

  • made with the highest precision – 50 years of experience
  • equipped with inverter technology
  • allow you to adjust the power to the current needs of the building
  • guaranteed quiet operation – only 35 dB (A) at a distance of 5 m

Photovoltaic panels installed in town houses of Wola Village are applied to support heat pumps and reduce the demand for electricity.

For health


Recuperation with best HEPA standard air purification.

At Wola Village we do everything to support you leading a healthy lifestyle. In order for you to rest in a healthy way, the interior of the villa is equipped with the most modern recuperation system with air purification from pollutants and allergens.

Recuperation means recovery – it’s your well-ventilated, warm home that supports you to breathe deeply.

At WOLA VILLAGE, we made sure that this breath is as healthy as possible and also allows to use the heat contained in the air inside the building.

The AirPack4 unit

The AirPack4 unit has built-in M5 class filters, therefore, to ensure filtration at the level of 70% ePM2.5, we have additionally used a CleanBox duct filter (with a F8 class filter)

Health is the most important. Here we have made no compromises. Therefore, the additional PARTICLE + system will take care of the air purity ( purified by 99%) of the Wola Village town house.

Quiet solutions Wola Village

Importantly, the technology used in WOLA VILLAGE is a quiet, external solution that does not transmit unnecessary noise to the interior of the building. It has energy efficiency class A, which means that it does not generate excessive loads on the power network and home budget.

Clean air with a natural composition – it’s simply a good atmosphere for healthy living. Live in WOLA VILLAGE.

For the comfort of use.

Smart home features.

For the comfort of use, we have provided the house with full control of blinds, air conditioning, heating and recuperation.

Each villa is additionally equipped with an air conditioning system installation, which we can also install at the finishing stage at the customer’s request.

Durability and aesthetics.

Original facades made of architectural concrete.

  • The facades of Wola Village town houses were made of architectural concrete, coloured in mass. To give them unique expression, original prints were made on the walls.
  • External façade walls of Wola Village town houses were produced in controlled factory conditions from concrete of C30/37 class with the compressive strength of 37MPa, higher than that traditionally used in housing construction.
  • Concrete facade also significantly increases its durability. The walls of the house are washable and much more resistant to weather conditions.

Acoustic comfort and privacy.

Aluminum joinery with external blinds.

Aluminum windows and doors will be installed in Wola Village houses. We use the most modern solutions of the ALUPROF system (MB79N), meeting the increased requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation. Some of the features:

  • a structure that meets the requirements of the Technical Conditions from 2021 for windows (0,9 W/(m2K) and doors (1,3 W/(m2K))
  • thermal insulation: Uw od 0,64 W/(m2K), Uf od 0,83 W/(m2K)
  • glazing with a triple-pane package

Lift and slide doors

They are an ideal proposition to connect the living room with the external environment. They enable very good contact with the surroundings, and in the open position they do not take up space inside the room, what additionally increases the comfort of their use. The MB-77HS system is one of the products with the best parameters and meets all the requirements for this group of products.

External blinds

For greater privacy, the windows will be fitted with aesthetic external blinds, made especially for the Wola Village town houses.

Their structure is made of lightweight aluminum resistant to weather conditions. The guides increase the stability of the shutter in the wind.

We have foreseen the possibility of installation not only in the ground-floor windows, but also on the higher floors at the customer’s request.

Attention to details.

The team of architects at Wola Village makes every effort to create something unique. The team focuses on every detail. The original entrance zones will be of the highest quality and originality.

More information coming soon.


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Interior you dream of. 

In Wola Village you can have your own dedicated interior designer, get an individualised design and make your order for it’s complete realisation.

Finish your town house with us in one of two standards:

PREMIUM Standard

Finish your town house individually in ULTIMATE CUSTOM Standard

Limited offer for customers who acquire the Wola Village town house by the end of 2023 – PREMIUM or ULTIMATE finish design included in the price!

More possibilities

Everything on site so that you can live comfortably, like in a resort.

A modern housing estate designed in the shape of a RESORT.
Your private park with everything for relaxation and sports
  • perfectly designed greenery and small architecture
  • walking paths and a running route,
  • picnic areas, playgrounds, outdoor gym, courts and fields
  • a place for meetings and integration
  • paddock for pets
A WV service centre that gives you many options and saves your time
  • An exclusive fitness club with a swimming pool and SPA
  • Ecological shop + bistro + café
  • Forest kindergarten, coworking spaces,
  • beauty parlor, barber.
  • Service centre – gardening, laundry, pet sitting and other services.
We will soon publish a project of our unique park here.

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with what's new at Wola Village


Choose health on your plate

Urba Farming is a unique concept of a ‘return to NATURE’. A certified organic farm is being created at WV RESORT, which will provide healthy, wholesome products without the addition of artificial fertilisers. We want our residents to have daily access to organic vegetables, fruits and herbs delivered straight from the field to the door of their home.

By cultivating purely ecological produce,

we care for the health of the earth, and a healthy soil gives a healthy life.

Do you want to try the real taste of fruits, vegetables or herbs, all grown without any artificial pesticides and improvers? Do you want to find out how tasty food is when it is provided by a healthy earth? Do you want to feel healthy and energised? You’ve come to the right place.

More time for yourself.

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